Adam's World

Adam's World

5 Episodes

Watch as creator Adam W brings his wild and fresh sensibilities into a longer form sketch comedy series, twisting the normal and everyday into the abnormal and hilarious, yet hilariously relatable.

Adam's World
  • 1: "Donate-2-Donate"

    Episode 1

    Adam acts as spokesperson for a charity program that raises money to help donate to people who want to donate but don’t have any money.

  • 2: ”How ‘Bout I Get My Boy”

    Episode 2

    A wheelchair bound Adam proves you should never make assumptions about folks with disabilities, as a surprising and hilarious succession of revelations unfurl after Adam is accused of stealing someone’s wallet.

  • 3: "Diversity"

    Episode 3

    In his office job as head of the diversity department, Adam gets chewed out by his boss over his poor results. He has until the end of the day to fix it or he himself will be fired.

  • 4: "Groupie"

    Episode 4

    While at a fancy and exclusive restaurant, Adam and Splack run into various celebrities. While Splack fangirls out over them, Adam keeps his composure and stays cool, but may end up regretting his decision.

  • 5: "Buy You a Drink?"

    Episode 5

    After finally convincing a girl in a bar to let him buy her a drink, Adam then involves himself in her life to an obsessive degree now that he’s “owed.”