Caught | Season Two

Caught | Season Two

8 Episodes

DeStorm Power brings you the powerful second season of CAUGHT, the hilarious action-adventure series told entirely in song. Winner of two Streamy awards, this “Hip-Hopera” features laughs, bullets, and a machete-wielding psychopath as DeStorm tries to outwit, outrun, and just plain survive his jilted lovers.

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Caught | Season Two
  • 1: "The Daddy"

    Episode 1

    JaNina’s dad is finally revealed as the gang fears for their lives.

  • 2: "Same Girl"

    Episode 2

    DeStorm is caught in bed and King Bach and DeStorm meet each other’s lovers.

  • 3: "New Beef"

    Episode 3

    Kim has big news but an old friend re-enters her life.

  • 4: "Old Flames"

    Episode 4

    Season Ones favorite girls Leli and JaNina return to stir things up.

  • 5: "Pastor Returns"

    Episode 5

    The pastor reveals important info to JaNina and Leli

  • 6: "Meet and Greet"

    Episode 6

    All hell breaks loose as the girls finally meet.

  • 7: "Sh*t Hits the Fan"

    Episode 7

    As DeStorm defuses the situation with the girls another problem walks through his front door.

  • 8: "Santiago Dragons"

    Episode 8

    The twins reveal their big secret and spark and unforeseen finale.