6 Episodes

Every gift comes with a price, and when our clueless characters start using the power of an enchanted necklace for gambling, others with even more nefarious purposes will stop at nothing to obtain it.

  • 1: "Pilot"

    Episode 1

    Danielle and Monique plan a night out on the town, and come across a thrifty necklace. They will soon learn it's more than just costume jewelry.

  • 2: "Little Party"

    Episode 2

    Monique's past catches up to her, Danielle is caught in the crossfire. Monique pleads to Tony Aces to get them out of trouble. Danielle has a vison that could save them both.

  • 3: "Dance Party"

    Episode 3

    Danielle fights the body guards, in an attempt to escape. Monique and Danielle try to find an explanation for Danielle new found gift.

  • 4: "Powers and Plans"

    Episode 4

    Danielle, Jordan, and Monique put their heads together to find out how they can beat Tony Aces.

  • 5: "The Shark"

    Episode 5

    Danielle and friends, challenge Tony Aces to a game of poker to pay off Danielle's debt. Tony begins to catch on to their secret weapon.

  • 6: "The Flop"

    Episode 6

    Tony Aces figures out about Danielle's necklace. Danielle and friends fear for their lives, as they try to explain themselves.