Only CAM: LA

Only CAM: LA

2 Episodes

Seduction, fortune and online is the sexiest combination for Zeus’ new documentary series. Join us as we follow some of the most popular subscription based content creators for a behind the scenes look at how they create their steamy content for major cash.

Only CAM: LA
  • SERIES PREMIERE | Only CAM: LA | Big Asset

    Episode 1

    Three of the most popular subscription-based creators, Flashman Wade, Persephanii and Yasmin, give us an unfiltered look at how they make considerable bucks by showing a little skin in their videos and photographs.

  • NEW EPISODE | Only CAM: LA | A New Kind of Reality

    Episode 2

    Ex-reality star, Chad Johnson, was tired of struggling and turned to a small camera to get big bucks. Bad girl Danielle Victor, decides she doesn't care what people think of her and goes semi-nude, and Kelly Kay pursues female empowerment by going nude.