Only CAM: LA

Only CAM: LA

4 Episodes

Seduction, fortune and online is the sexiest combination for Zeus’ new documentary series. Join us as we follow some of the most popular subscription based content creators for a behind the scenes look at how they create their steamy content for major cash.

Only CAM: LA
  • 1. Big Asset

    Episode 1

    Three of the most popular subscription-based creators, Flashman Wade, Persephanii and Yasmin, give us an unfiltered look at how they make considerable bucks by showing a little skin in their videos and photographs.

  • 2. A New Kind of Reality

    Episode 2

    Ex-reality star, Chad Johnson, was tired of struggling and turned to a small camera to get big bucks. Bad girl Danielle Victor, decides she doesn't care what people think of her and goes semi-nude, and Kelly Kay pursues female empowerment by going nude.

  • 3. Do it for the “Fans”

    Episode 3

    Ariel Santos makes a big move by going nude on camera, while contortionist and circus performer, Luna the Noodle, bends over backwards for subscribers, and Charlotte Lavish balances her graphic design career and erotic OnlyFans business.

  • 4. Blac Chyna | Only Cam: LA

    Episode 4

    OnlyCam Executive Producer Blac Chyna, gets candid with friends about another way that she's creating income through OnlyFans. We then go far behind the scenes, into her shower, and get a little steamy.