Pretty Girls Lit

Pretty Girls Lit

6 Episodes

Four 20-something besties let go of the stresses of their hectic work lives and remember to have a good time.

Pretty Girls Lit
  • 1: "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"

    Episode 1

    When the girls find Denise crashing at the house of a guy she met the night before, they all decide to play along and have fun at his house.

  • 2: "Sex Toys"

    Episode 2

    Marilyn finds sex pills, leading the girls into a conversation about sex experimentation, prompting her to visit the adult toy store for product that she brings back to the group.

  • 3: "Snake Prank"

    Episode 3

    Denise tells the girls she might book an audition, telling the casting director that she’s not afraid of animals. Knowing the truth, the girls prank her by putting a snake in the sink.

  • 4: "Girls Night"

    Episode 4

    Leli is stressing over relationships, so the girls decide to have a girls night to cheer her up -- only to have guys end up crashing their party.

  • 5: "The Preparation"

    Episode 5

    The girls plan a surprise birthday party for Janelle using their friend Janina’s help, only to learn that they personally know the stripper that they’ve booked.

  • 6: "Janelle’s Surprise Party"

    Episode 6

    Janelle’s birthday arrives and the girls help her celebrate in true Pretty Girls Lit style.