Reedo Brown Presents: You Said That?

Reedo Brown Presents: You Said That?

4 Episodes

Actor and stand up comedian Reedo Brown presents a new on-screen persona; a self-described serial liar hell bent on moving up in the world by using his superior lying abilities.

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Reedo Brown Presents: You Said That?
  • 1: "Where You Been"

    Episode 1

    After a few days of hiding, Nelly checks in on his boy Reedo and their relationship.

  • 2: "I Smoke!"

    Episode 2

    After being questioned about smoking weed on his break, Reedo lets one of his coworkers know how he handles his boss.

  • 3: "Pulled Over"

    Episode 3

    After being pulled over coming home from the club, Reedo and Nelly try to weasel their way out of sleeping outside.

  • 4: "No Hats"

    Episode 4

    After being denied access to the club because of his hat, Reedo's friend Nelly lets this bouncer know what Reedo said he would do if denied.