Rent a Power

Rent a Power

6 Episodes

When a scientific discovery of additional chromosome adaptabilities in females leads to women developing special powers, like fire or water generation, a business grows offering ladies these abilities for a rental fee. But what happens when they don’t pay up, and the business’s repo person has to counter attack with their own special powers to collect?

Rent a Power
  • 1: "What Is Rent A Power?"

    Episode 1

    Rent-A-Power catches a break when they get featured on a TV show, but new customers always bring new problems.

  • 2: "My Girl Is Crazy!"

    Episode 2

    An easy day at work turns into a nightmare when a customer wants the Rent-A-Power team to take his girlfriends power away!

  • 3: "The Worst Repo Ever!"

    Episode 3

    Dr. T and Ray can’t handle a beautiful girl with a deadly voice!

  • 4: "The Customer Is Always Right!"

    Episode 4

    An angry customer doesn’t back down from Rent-A-Power during a heated confrontation!

  • 5: "Don't Touch Me!"

    Episode 5

    Party crashing turns dangerous as the Rent-A-Power team does a surprise repo on the weekend!

  • 6: "The Big Boss"

    Episode 6

    The Rent-A-Power team has to fight their hardest fight so far against a super smart customer!