• Joseline's Cabaret Atlanta: The Reunion Part 2

    After a crazy, eventful season, the ladies come together with Joseline to discuss their experiences, air out grievances and settle all beefs! Hosted by Luenell and Janeisha John.

  • Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas: The Reunion

    1 season

    Hosted by Brittany Renner and Janeisha John, Joseline and the ladies of the Vegas Cabaret all come back together for the first time since Las Vegas for the reunion.

  • Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas

    1 season

    Joseline Hernandez, aka "The Puerto Rican Princess" finally reaches her dream of bringing the Cabaret to Las Vegas. However, with this new group of ladies and their many personalities, can Joseline keep her dream from turning into a nightmare?

  • Joseline's Cabaret Atlanta: The Reunion

    1 season

    When the ladies reunite for the first time in weeks, jealousies, revelations and previous insults lead to heated exchanges.

  • Joseline's Cabaret Atlanta

    1 season

    Hit series Joseline's Cabaret, returns for season 2, but this year the Puerto Rican Princess is taking her talents to the ATL! This time, there will be even more passion, drama and crazy as Joseline works to fulfill her dream of turning dancers, hustlers and porn stars into a serious and sexy cab...

  • Joseline's Cabaret Auditions

    1 season

  • Joseline's Cabaret: Miami

    1 season

    New Episode Every Sunday at 5pm PST / 8pm EST

  • 4. Joseline's Cabaret Auditions

    As the auditions comes to a close, Joseline continues to keep it real 100 with her hilarious thoughts on a dominatrix, a lady that needs to plug it up and a little stripper.

  • 3. Joseline's Cabaret Auditions

    The party continues with this week's "killer" ladies. Join us as Joseline gives her thoughts on a gothic dancer that possibly practices cannibalism and a graveyard twerker to name a few.

  • 2. Joseline's Cabaret Auditions

    Although no biologists show up in this episode, we still experience some strange human behavior. Join the Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez, as she views and critiques another round of Cabaret Season 2 hopefuls.

  • 1. Joseline's Cabaret Auditions

    Joseline gives opinionated commentary on the ladies who sent in their audition video for Joseline Cabaret Season Two. Join Joseline as she views the good, bad and the ugly with a couple surprise submissions.

  • 2. Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas The Reunion Part 2

    The reunion continues with the ladies of Las Vegas.

  • 1. Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas The Reunion Part 1
    Joseline's Cabaret Las Vega...

    1. Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas The Reunion Part 1

    Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas: The Reunion - Season 1

    The ladies from the Las Vegas cabaret reunite.

  • 11. Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas: The Final Performance

    The crowd goes wild as Joseline and the ladies give it their all for the final Vegas performance.

  • 10. Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas: And the final lady is...

    Lexi Blow and Balistic become Joseline's eyes and ears as they choose a lady for the final performance.

  • 9. Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas: The More, The Sexier

    With lines wrapped around the corner for another cabaret experience, Joseline chooses two more ladies to set the stage on fire!

  • 8. Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas: What did you say?!

    Goodwill in the house takes a bad turn when the ladies fight over inappropriate language.

  • 7. Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas: SHAKE SOMETHING

    At the Vegas grand opening of the cabaret, some of the ladies leave everything on the floor -- except the money.

  • 6. Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas: We're having a pool party!

    After a night of chaos, Joseline wanted to lighten the mood with a pool party, but the ladies always find a way to create drama.

  • 5. Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas: 1 vs 4

    Drama continues to build as the reality of who will be performing opening night sets in.