Shirtless Cheffin'

Shirtless Cheffin'

7 Episodes

They say if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen -- but instead of getting out of the kitchen American model Don Benjamin took it as a chance to serve up shirtless cooking lessons.

Shirtless Cheffin'
  • 1: "Milkshake Monday with Liane V"

    Episode 1

    Crack the season off with something nice and chill. Liane V and host Don Benjamin make galaxy milkshakes to start the week off right.

  • 2: "Taco Tuesday with Tonio Skits"

    Episode 2

    Special guest Tonio Skits brings his Hispanic background to the kitchen to vibe out with Don and make some tacos.

  • 3: "Waffle Wednesday with Adam Waheed"

    Episode 3

    Nothing like some waffles to get you through the rest of the week, and Don and Adam W aren’t talking about boxed waffles, but waffles from scratch!

  • 4: "Triple Chocolate Thursday with DeStorm Power"

    Episode 4

    For Triple Chocolate Thursday it’s only right Don brings his chocolate brother DeStorm Power, on the show.

  • 5: "Pasta Friday with Steph Lecor"

    Episode 5

    Don brings good friend Steph Lecor on the episode to show her how to make a quick and easy one pot pasta.

  • 6: "Sweet Saturdays with Denise Rodriguez"

    Episode 6

    Denise Rodriguez takes on every challenge she’s confronted with as she and Don make flourless chocolate chip cookies.

  • 7: "Soul Food Sunday with Momma J"

    Episode 7

    It’s Soul Food Sunday with Don’s Momma J to end the season. Don’s mom shows him how to make her sweet potato casserole.