The Cheap Negotiator

The Cheap Negotiator

3 Episodes

In a world where saving money is just as important as saving lives, Alphonso “Phonz” McAuley stars in this scripted series as a hostage negotiator...on a budget.

The Cheap Negotiator
  • 1: "What’s the Plan, Genius"

    Episode 1

    A hostage taker’s only plan is to kidnap his boss and try to negotiate his way to Peru. He finds out The Cheap Negotiator has a different plan.

  • 2: "I Got Kids"

    Episode 2

    Tonio Skits takes his Baby Mama hostage trying to win his way back into his kids’ lives. When his high demands can’t be met, The Cheap Negotiator gives him the alternative offer of a lifetime.

  • 3: "Don’t Jump"

    Episode 3

    Geoff has lost everything of importance in his life and is ready to jump off a rooftop, until The Cheap Negotiator offers him something to take his worries away and ultimately save his life.