The Lab Ratz

The Lab Ratz

4 Episodes

In creator Marlon Webb’s new scripted series, broke-ass losers Marlon, Ry and Luke volunteer as test subjects for clinical drug trials, only to find every new drug kicks in at exactly the most inopportune moment. From muscle relaxants to an increasing sex drive, watch as our trio decends into chemically induced comedy anarchy.

The Lab Ratz
  • 1: "Muscle Relaxer"

    Episode 1

    Three dirty, desperate and unemployed guys approaching their 30s volunteer as experimental guinea pigs, testing new pharmaceutical drugs for cash.

  • 2: "The Gay Pill"

    Episode 2

    Finding no choice but to continue, the trio return to the doctor for another pill, this one taking them on a new sexual journey.

  • 3: "The Cum Trail"

    Episode 3

    When the guys discover a dead body for which they could take the blame, it is up to them to clear their names, or else they will pay the price.

  • 4: "Daddi"

    Episode 4

    Just when it seems the guys are getting the hang of their roles, they are introduced to a new figure in their lives called “Daddi”.