The Real Dumbass World

The Real Dumbass World

6 Episodes

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The Real Dumbass World
  • FREE EPISODE | 1. We Need A Whole New Holy Gxd

    Episode 1

    When Holy Gxd insists he gets the most girls between them, Funny Mike offers him a make-over, setting him up on a date he’ll never forget.


  • 2. Cortez Gets Him Some

    Episode 2

    After catching Cortez in an act of self-love, the Dumbasses take him to a strip club in the hopes of helping him score.

  • 3. Big Mama Wakes The Dead

    Episode 3

    Big Mama’s constant singing leads to a training session gone wrong and a spiritually-uplifting performance to match.

  • 4. Get High And Stand Up To Mike

    Episode 4

    The dumbasses gang up on each other in the kitchen over who’s humor is best, only to learn making a live audience laugh is a lot harder than it looks.

  • 5. Big Mama And The Wide Angle Lens

    Episode 5

    The Dumbasses help Big Mama answer an online ad for what they think are nude photos, only to end up enduring much more than just a photo shoot.

  • NEW EPISODE | The Real Dumbass World | Do You Know Who This Is?

    Episode 6

    In a challenge to settle who’s the most-poppin’ influencer of all, a swimming pool clash between Holy Gxd and Funny Mike leads to a late night quiz of tourists on Hollywood Boulevard.