The Scholarship

The Scholarship

6 Episodes

In a hilarious look at sexuality and love, Young Ezee and Natalie Odell’s scripted series explores the story of a woman pretending to be a lesbian in high school in hopes to obtain an LGBT scholarship. Maintaining a relationship with her “girlfriend”, over time, grows harder to fake, but an unexpected bond is formed.

The Scholarship
  • 1: "The Scholarship"

    Episode 1

    Hailey runs into problems finding a last minute scholarship. There's only one scholarship left, but it won't be easy to obtain.

  • 2: "Meet The Mentor"

    Episode 2

    After Kendall agrees to help Hailey obtain the LGBT scholarship, they fear their plan might backfire when they are unexpectedly placed with a mentor.

  • 3: "Coming Out"

    Episode 3

    While Kendall and Hailey come out to their parents, they quickly realize their home lives are completely different.

  • 4: "Surprise Visit"

    Episode 4

    During an awkward coming out dinner with Hailey's family, they have a surprise visitor that makes the evening go from bad to worse.

  • 5: "Break Up!"

    Episode 5

    Kendall and Hailey's bond is put to the test when they have to make the decision to speak up or stay silent.

  • 6: "The Formal"

    Episode 6

    The pressure of the senior formal is closing in on them as Hailey's mom sends them off to their big day. Will they be able to last through the evening or will their secret be exposed?