• 5. The Conversation: A1 & Lyrica | Part 2

    After a public separation, Lyrica and A1 have decided that it's time to have a heart-to-heart conversation to decide if they should split for good or work to repair their marriage.

  • 4. The Conversation: A1 & Lyrica | Part 1

    Amidst Lyrica Anderson and A1’s public discord and the continual hostility between their mothers, the couple has decided to have a candid conversation about their uncertain marital future. The mothers, Lyrica G and Pam, also attempt to end their beef for the sake of their grandson, Ocean.

  • 2. Joseline's Cabaret Auditions

    Although no biologists show up in this episode, we still experience some strange human behavior. Join the Puerto Rican Princess, Joseline Hernandez, as she views and critiques another round of Cabaret Season 2 hopefuls.

  • 1. Joseline's Cabaret Auditions

    Joseline gives opinionated commentary on the ladies who sent in their audition video for Joseline Cabaret Season Two. Join Joseline as she views the good, bad and the ugly with a couple surprise submissions.

  • 1. Big Asset

    Three of the most popular subscription-based creators, Flashman Wade, Persephanii and Yasmin, give us an unfiltered look at how they make considerable bucks by showing a little skin in their videos and photographs.


    B2K 1st live performance in 15 years featuring all their top hits such as, Bump, Bump, Bump, Gots Ta Be, Girlfriend, etc, along with Omarion’s solo hits.

  • 3. The Conversation: Ray J & Princess | Part 3

    After two tense conversations without any resolution, Ray J and Princess Love come together for their final conversation in which they'll decide if they should stay together or separate.

  • 2. The Conversation: Ray J & Princess | Part 2

    Although Ray J and Princess Love suffered a rocky start in their first session together, they agreed to sit down and continue their conversation about what happened in Las Vegas, and to see where their marriage is heading.

  • 1. The Conversation: Ray J & Princess | Part 1

    After months of avoiding discussing their social media conflict in Las Vegas, Ray J and Princess Love confront one another on camera in an open and honest dialog about the status of their marriage.

  • 1. Welcome to Joseline’s Cabaret Miami, Bitch

    Joseline Hernandez, The Puerto Rican Princess, is back in Miami with her new man and a business plan: Joseline’s Cabaret, a classy cabaret show at G5ive Miami, her old stomping grounds. Although she’s warned about the attitudes of today’s strippers, Joseline thinks her chosen ladies will be fine....