Ultimate Fitness Challenge

Ultimate Fitness Challenge

6 Episodes

Triple-threat Candice Craig and her sports pro beau Omar Bolden, take on some of the hottest fitness trends in Los Angeles.

Ultimate Fitness Challenge
  • 1: "Team Love vs. Team Spirit"

    Episode 1

    Team “Comar” (a.k.a. Team Love) meet up for a little loving competition while staying fit.

  • 2: ""Comar” Joins the Wolfpack"

    Episode 2

    Joining the wolfpack, Candice and Omar pack a punch with a few familiar moves.

  • 3: "Sandbox"

    Episode 3

    Find out if Omar’s NFL training will put him ahead of Candice in the ultimate sandbox fitness challenge.

  • 4: "Kung Fu Comar"

    Episode 4

    Candice and Omar go Hollywood under the tutelage of a pro movie stunt fighter.

  • 5: "Comar Flying High"

    Episode 5

    The couple flip the script with Candice’s ballet training shining through while Omar struggles to be graceful.

  • 6: "Functioning On The Highest Vibration"

    Episode 6

    As the ground shakes, Candice and Omar learn the true meaning of a core workout.