Finding Love ASAP!

Finding Love ASAP!

7 Episodes

Some people are raw and some are real -- but none are more raw AND more real than Blac Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni (as seen on The Real Blac Chyna and E! series Rob & Chyna). And now, Tokyo is looking for the right man to set the world on fire with, in her new dating reality/competition series. Inspired by her online antics and commanding personality, watch as a varied group of eligible bachelors vie for Tokyo’s attention while bringing the laughs, tension, drama and suspense to the party. Each week, with the help of her friend and co-host Lyrica Garrett (Love and Hip Hop), Tokyo will eliminate one man after another as she looks to find her next ex-husband…ASAP!

Finding Love ASAP!
  • FREE EPISODE | 1. Who Are You Here For? Part 1

    Episode 1

    After three long years of being single, Tokyo Toni is ready for love, as her friend Lyrica G invites several potential suitors to her mansion. But Tokyo may have gotten more than she bargained for, because this group includes some real randos in the roster, and not all of them seem focused on Tokyo.

  • FREE EPISODE | 2. Who Are You Here For? Part 2

    Episode 2

    Now that the guys all have their names, Tokyo Toni and Lyrica G visit to discuss her options. But an even more immediate decision awaits her when political fireworks between the mingling suitors leads to a quick elimination ceremony.

  • 3. Tokyo Toni's Finding Love ASAP | Let Me Spell It Out For You

    Episode 3

    After the stupidity of the political fight from the night before, Tokyo and Lyrica agree to test the guys’ intellects with an old-fashioned spelling bee. But will the guys’ unforced errors in wordplay spell their certain doom?

  • 4. Pole Position

    Episode 4

    After No Name and Prison Number visit Tokyo Toni’s bedroom, she decides to challenge the boys with proving their skills at a strip club. But will Good Credit’s poolside discovery lead to pole side rivalry?

  • 5. Pass It To The Left

    Episode 5

    After privately visiting some of the guys, Tokyo Toni challenges them to a weed and booze fueled trivia game about her.

  • 6. Who’s Your Daddy?

    Episode 6

    It’s down to the wire and time for tough choices. Tokyo Toni invites her daughter Blac Chyna to interview the guys and help her choose who to keep. Who will pass her test?

  • 7. The Table Is Set

    Episode 7

    The moment of truth arrives as Tokyo Toni sets up romantic dinner dates with the remaining guys to help her decide who to choose. But when all of them sit down for drinks, another fight kills the mood and it’s time for the final ASAP blunt.