Joseline's Cabaret: Miami

Joseline's Cabaret: Miami

7 Episodes

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Joseline's Cabaret: Miami
  • 1. Welcome to Joseline’s Cabaret Miami, Bitch

    Episode 1

    Joseline Hernandez, The Puerto Rican Princess, is back in Miami with her new man and a business plan: Joseline’s Cabaret, a classy cabaret show at G5ive Miami, her old stomping grounds. Although she’s warned about the attitudes of today’s strippers, Joseline thinks her chosen ladies will be fine....

  • 2. The Last Supper

    Episode 2

    After her first meeting with the ladies for the cabaret ends in fireworks, Joseline is ready to find “a whole new set of bitches”, but a conversation with her finance Balistic convinces her to take the ladies to an elegant dinner for one final chance to prove themselves.

  • 3. Don’t Forget Your Self Worth

    Episode 3

    Following a disastrously contentious dinner out with all the cabaret girls, Joseline still wants to make peace and bring their paths together. But for tonight at least, the ladies each focus on their own agendas.

  • 4. You Can’t Handle My Sex Drive

    Episode 4

    Joseline uses the filming of her new music video for "Sex Drive" as a way to teach Daisy and Chazzity a lesson, by not including them in the video shoot for bullying Lucky and Jaadreams.

  • 5. Why we not in the video?!

    Episode 5

    When the ladies come together for their first cabaret rehearsal, Daisy and Chazzity confront Joseline about not being included in the 'Sex Drive' music video. but Joseline isn't tolerating any of their disrespect.

  • 6. Locker Room Brawl

    Episode 6

    Things are always heated in a strip club due to the competition between girls, but things hit a whole new level when Joseline's Cabaret itself is left hanging in the balance after Joseline’s locker room brawl with Daisy and Chazzity and another heated altercation with Lucky Hustla.

  • 7. We'll Always Have New Girls

    Episode 7