Life With Lil Tay

Life With Lil Tay

3 Episodes

You know who she is! Lil Tay sets the record straight, opening a window into her world and allowing her followers to see what her personal life is like behind the scenes.

Life With Lil Tay
  • 1: "Controversy"

    Episode 1

    Lil Tay’s manager joins the family in their kitchen to confront the issues flexing has created, and solutions are discussed on how to change course.

  • 2: "Youngest Flexer of the Century"

    Episode 2

    Influencer Candice Craig drops in to teach Lil Tay about successfully handling yourself as an Influencer, as well as to show her moves to improve her dancing skills.

  • 3: "No Beef, Just Booth"

    Episode 3

    After Lil Tay decides the time to make music is now, she instructs her manager to set her up with music producer Tommy Brown, and visits his studio to lay down tracks.