Pillow Talk with Amber & Hannah

Pillow Talk with Amber & Hannah

8 Episodes

Slip on your jammies and climb into bed with Amber Borzotra and Hannah Monds as they talk with some of your favorite celebs and hottest influencers in the game! A party in the bed you'd be sure to RSVP for.

Pillow Talk with Amber & Hannah
  • 1: "Pop It"

    Episode 1

    Viral dance video faves The New Wave Crew and The Lit Twins jump in bed to discuss how to date in their teen generation, and play “Pop It”.

  • 2: "Pull It"

    Episode 2

    Klarity drops in on the girls to discuss social media dating and play a Truth or Dare version of a popular block fall game called “Pull It”.

  • 3: "Thrust & Bust"

    Episode 3

    Model Leiza Cabrera and actress Jamie Riley jump in bed to talk about what they name their private parts and play “Thrust and Bust”.

  • 4: "Blow It"

    Episode 4

    The EC Twins, house music producers from Scotland, jump in bed with Hannah and Amber to chat about dating American women and play a round of “Blow It”.

  • 5: "Truth or Eat"

    Episode 5

    NFL pro and reality star Zac Diles jumps in bed to chat about threesomes, his current relationship, and play the game “Truth or Eat”

  • 6: "Laugh Out Loud"

    Episode 6

    R&B dance choreographer Chris Season and dancer Ron Myles discuss dance culture and play the laugh or spit water game “Laugh Out Loud”.

  • 7: "Read My Lips"

    Episode 7

    Actor Pauline Brown and comic Joseph Schles jump in bed to chat about relationships and play “Read My Lips”.

  • 8: "Duct & Escape"

    Episode 8

    Music producer Rey Reel and singer/artist Dina Siedschlag jump in bed and talk about the music industry, and play the game “Duct and Escape”.