Bad Escorts

Bad Escorts

5 Episodes

Cash-strapped Speedy Pizza delivery guy Shawn Thomas can barely make ends meet, needing money to take care of his daughter.

But his old friend and weed hook-up Candice Sharpe convinces Shawn he can make the extra cash he needs by filling in as a male escort for her friend.

When this first date turns out to be a surprising success, they start their own escort service, with Shawn recruiting his co-worker Roberto, his old college roommate Max, and his brother-in-law Corey to all join him, with Candice as their “pimp.” Their client requests grow ever more ridiculous, but Shawn can’t walk away from the money.

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Bad Escorts
  • 1. A Speedier Way to Get Cash?

    Episode 1

    Shawn survives another humiliating day as a Speedy Pizza delivery driver only to end up running into his old friend and dealer, Candice, who pitches him on a possible new career path.

  • 2: "From One Proposal To Another"

    Episode 2

    Shawn attends his hired hookah bar date with Candice’s suggested client Jay, only to discover there’s way more to the story about him that she’s told her friends from work.

  • 3. Bad Escorts "New Recruits"

    Episode 3

    Candice and Shawn meet with Roberto to recruit him into their new male escort business, but agree more men are needed.

    As Shawn and Roberto return to Speedy Pizza, Shawn’s sister Christine drops by with her boyfriend Corey at the perfect time.

  • 4. Training Day

    Episode 4

    With a roster of escorts established, Candice prepares a crash course on the dos and don'ts of dealing with clients.

    After a gauntlet of roleplay scenarios, Shawn and the crew find newfound confidence in the business, only to receive a peculiar call from their first potential client.

  • NEW EPISODE | Bad Escorts | Revelations and Blindfolds

    Episode 5

    Corey gets more than he bargained for when it turns out Mrs. Worthington wants him to play dress up.
    Meanwhile Roberto and Max head to the ‘hood to meet up with Max’s new client.