Dr. Blackson

  • Dr. Blackson

    1 season

    “The Therapist” has nothing on “Dr. Blackson.”…as in the unfiltered and unbothered comedian, Michael Blackson. Have issues in the bedroom, with body image, or your sexual orientation? Come to Dr. Blackson and he will fix you like that. But is he kind, gentle, and caring? Hell, no. Get your mind...

  • NEW EPISODE | Dr. Blackson | Confused Guy

    Dr. Blackson encounters a European male new to L.A. who is seeking advice on picking up women after mostly male encounters.

    But does Dr. Blackson really understand the concept of bisexuality? And can he help his seemingly confused patient really become straight?

  • 3. Asian Connection

    An Asian man alerts Dr. Blackson he would like to start dating outside his race, especially black women. But the good doctor warns his patient he may not be well enough endowed for such endeavors.

  • 2. Dr. Blackson | Curvy Chick

    Tired of dealing with scrubs, a curvy woman by the name of Whitney seeks the help of Dr. Blackson, but his blunt diagnosis may be more than what she bargained for.

  • 1. We Need Side Chick

    When an attractive young woman named Ayona arrives to alert Dr. Blackson to her issues being the “girl on the side,” it appears the good doctor’s remedy might be to prescribe himself a dose as well.