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  • The Real Dumbass World

    1 season

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  • FREE EPISODE | 1. We Need A Whole New Holy Gxd

    When Holy Gxd insists he gets the most girls between them, Funny Mike offers him a make-over, setting him up on a date he’ll never forget.


  • 2. Cortez Gets Him Some

    After catching Cortez in an act of self-love, the Dumbasses take him to a strip club in the hopes of helping him score.

  • 3. Big Mama Wakes The Dead

    Big Mama’s constant singing leads to a training session gone wrong and a spiritually-uplifting performance to match.

  • 4. Get High And Stand Up To Mike

    The dumbasses gang up on each other in the kitchen over who’s humor is best, only to learn making a live audience laugh is a lot harder than it looks.

  • 5. Big Mama And The Wide Angle Lens

    The Dumbasses help Big Mama answer an online ad for what they think are nude photos, only to end up enduring much more than just a photo shoot.

  • NEW EPISODE | The Real Dumbass World | Do You Know Who This Is?

    In a challenge to settle who’s the most-poppin’ influencer of all, a swimming pool clash between Holy Gxd and Funny Mike leads to a late night quiz of tourists on Hollywood Boulevard.