Joseline's Cabaret Atlanta

  • Joseline's Cabaret Atlanta

    1 season

    Hit series Joseline's Cabaret, returns for season 2, but this year the Puerto Rican Princess is taking her talents to the ATL! This time, there will be even more passion, drama and crazy as Joseline works to fulfill her dream of turning dancers, hustlers and porn stars into a serious and sexy cab...

  • NEW EPISODE | Joseline's Cabaret Atlanta | Bye Bye Barbie

    When Joseline finds out that Barbie has left the house, she literally takes matters into her own hands.

  • 3. Joseline's Cabaret Atlanta | Work it Out or Get Out

    Joseline sits down with Lucky and Barbie in hopes of having them settle their issues and bring order back to the cabaret.

  • 2. Joseline's Cabaret Atlanta | Cabaret Captain

    Joseline has the girls show off their sexy sides and hopes that the dust from the first day's chaos has finally settled -- But she quickly realizes that the previous beef is not quite over.

  • 1. Joseline's Cabaret Atlanta | Double Homicide

    Joseline's Cabaret returns but this time, the Puerto Rican Princess is taking her new hand-picked ladies to the ATL to stay in the cabaret house — which will surely lead to more craziness, more sexiness and definitely more drama. Will Joseline be able to put together a performance with this group?